Using non-professionals can ruin what you have worked so hard to plan

Your wedding DJ is vital when it comes to the flow and overall feel of your big day. That’s why it’s important to make sure you do your research and choose someone you feel will give your guests the reception experience you desire..

A good professional wedding DJ will cater the event to the clients and guests. HE/SHE is not there to show off their musical tastes. Yes, a good DJ will add their own style and flavor to put the night together musically, but in the end the clients and guests are the ones the DJ is playing for and any and all appropriate requests or ‘do-not-plays’ should be honored in the long run.

A wedding DJ’s emcee skills should include taking the time with you to discuss how you want your wedding to flow.  Creating a realistic timeline and offering suggestions based on their experience can relieve your stress of planning what is probably the single biggest event in your life.

In future posts, we will be presenting tips and insight into how much fun your wedding can be for your guests.