10 Reasons Why a Photo Booth Will Be A Hit At Your Wedding or Event!

  1. Entertainment. Having a few activities besides dancing at your reception is a good way to make sure all your guests have fun. Sometimes people just want a break and the photo booth provides a great escape. It’s also a good place for people to gather and socialize. Your guests will love it. We always have a line to use our booth. Guests are always smiling; so much so they come back again and again!
  2. It creates a great memory keepsake— for you and your guests. People appreciate having a photo of themselves with their friends, their kids, or their date. And you will love having fun pictures of your wedding guests. If you think of it like a modern guest book, it seems silly to skip it just because it’s been done before.
  3. It’s not routine for the older set. Photo booths at weddings have been around a wjhile now.. But your older relatives and guests who don’t attend many weddings will likely still find the photo booth totally delightful and fun.
  4. It’s suitable for everyone 9 years old to 90 years old.You don’t have to only be young to enjoy a photo and your grandma might not want to dance to rap! But she might want to share a photo-op with her grandkids and all of them  will have a memory and print to share.
  5. Nostalgia. Back in the olden days where phones didn’t travel with us, and pictures were not available without dropping them off or mailing the negatives.. Photo booths bring instant satisfaction with prints and quick posts to their social media.
  6. It’s a talking point. Guests love to show others how their photos turn out and talk about why their picture is the funniest. It starts conversations between people who many not know each other, allowing them to make new friends.
  7. Many new styles of photobooths. This means every photo booth can provide different experiences for your guests beyond just taking pictures.  Animated gifs, boomerang gifs, green screen, digital props…..we keep you guests entertained with the best for your event.
  8. Makes an awesome guestbook. Though you might not even realize it, you will be glad your photobooth attendant took the time to make sure everyone adds a picture to your guest book and leaving a message with it. It’s a great new way to relive memories of your special day for years to come.
  9. Helps ties together your theme. Whether you want a winter wonderland, a day at the beach or maybe even just a matching color, your photo prints can be customized. Print sizes, styles, layout…all can fit your theme and add pizazz to your event.
  10. Share the love! Not only will your guests receive a copy of the photographs but they can email, text or share their photos on social media. They can even be posted to your custom hastag and displayed as a slideshow. We upload your photos to a Smugmug gallery that you can share the link to with all your friends and family.
Call us today and let’s see what we can create for you!  If you would like to see samples of our photo booth prints and experiences, check out our photo booth galleries here.

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